What to Look for in Purchasing a Trolling Motor Battery?



You may be one of those few anglers who finally realized that it would be hard to power your trolling motor with just a regular car battery. Honestly, it is never practical to use a car battery because it can cause damage to the trolling motor. Car batteries are not designed to be used in the water repeatedly.

If you are still using best golf cart batteries instead of the appropriate one for your trolling motor then it is time for you to reconsider this matter. This helpful article will guide you to the right path and hopefully, you will find yourself choosing the best battery for your trolling motor.


In choosing for the best battery, it is crucial to check its brand. Never mind the fact that high-end brands are more expensive than the others. Keep in mind that it’s a lifetime investment, so being smart in choosing the best brand is a must. To make your purchase  easier, check out the brand of the batteries. Conduct a research about the best brands that gained the highest number of positive reviews and feedback. Pick one from the highly rated brands, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase.

Best Deep Cycle Battery

Choosing a high quality, deep cycle battery is also advisable. Also known as wet cycle batteries, they are designed to be regularly and deeply discharged using most of their capacity. You can then expect them to deliver the best performance with constant discharge rate. They also tend to last longer than the others – with a lifespan of up to two and a half years.

To know if it’s a legit deep cyle battery, check the thicker lead plates. It is actually meant to provide power over a long period of time. It also stands up to higher temperatures created due to constant current draw. With that in mind, it is safe to say that one of the best trolling batteries is that with a deep cycle design.

Amperage Hours

Best Trolling batteries use amperage hours or AH. It is normally just a measurement of how long your battery can run while it’s drawing a specific amount of amps. Get one with the highest Amperage hours, which will fit in your boat. This gives you an assurance taht the boat will run for a longer time without draining your battery.

Battery Type

There are four types used for trolling motors. These are:

  • Flooded Battery
  • Gel Battery
  • AGM Battery
  • Lithium Ion Battery

Choose a type based on your trolling motor’s power requirements, charging cycles, and other vital factors that will affect its performance.

Vibration Resistance

It is important to choose a vibration and shock resistant battery for your trolling motor. It’s because there will be constant vibration in the base of the boat while it’s running. The vibration can also affect the battery.

Best marine battery has these plates placed in specific locations. The battery life obviously depends on these plates. In case of vibrations, these plates tend to move, causing it to slowly damage the battery. With that said, you need to look for one, which can resist shocks and vibrations.


You don’t want to your batteries to look, and damage the wires or worse even your boat. Since most of these batteries contain acid, it is also important to choose a spill-proof or leak-proof one.

In conclusion, trolling batteries are designed in such a way taht they can withstand prolonged and harsh activities in the water. Purchase the best one for your trolling motor to lessen the amount of time needed for charging and increase the amount of time you spend on fishing.

What Is Shaper Used For and What to Look For When Buying It



Numerous persons consider the shaper as a big router table, when in truth the shaper has remained longer than the router. The router and later router table were created to be a petite structure of the shaper. Individually both fundamentally do the same job, whittling edges of wood pieces, though the tools themselves are crafted a tad bit contrarily. A few will say that with a decent router and table, there is no motivation to purchase a shaper. That would rely a bunch on what kind of woodworking you do and how much you will expend it.

What Is Shaper Used For

  • Whereas a heavy-duty router and table can do simply about everything that a shaper can, shapers are usually more potent, with bigger motors and improved fences.
  • Even the finest extruded aluminum fences don’t equal the performance you can obtain out of a shaper’s fence.
  • Shaper cutters are fixed on a spindle, instead of than utilizing a collet to grip the bit’s shaft.
  • Lengthier spindles let stacking cutters on the spindle, permitting multiple kinds of cuts, sans having to rearrange the tool.
  • The spindle has certain vertical travel amendment, permitting you to shift from cutter to cutter, on the same project.
  • This is very useful when expending a shaper for raised sheet doors or the stiles and supports for doors.
  • If you create your own elevated panel doors or do wide-ranging woodworking where edge profiles are an essential portion of your design, a shaper will be an imperative part of your workshop.

What to Look For When Buying a Shaper

As all shapers are principally the same tools, you’re not going to discover a ton of variations in features to look at. The major thing you need to comprehend is the dissimilarities in the shaper’s sizes, so that you recognize what you are peering at.

The Size of Motor

The bigger the motor, the more it would cut on a pass. Tinier shapers are probably to halt down when creating deep cuts or when sawing dense hardwoods, so by buying a bigger shaper, you remove that probability.

The Size of Spindle

The spindle diameter and sawing tool, spindle hole diameter, should equal for the tool to operate safely. The spindle length can differ as well. The lengthier the spindle, the more and bigger cutting heads you can place on it.

The Table

The table of the shaper should be enormously level and smooth to permit the work piece to slip over it for cutting. Many tables are cast iron with the upper surface ground to make it slick. The bigger the table surface, the comfortable it is to keep big work pieces level and truly perpendicular to the cutting head.

The Fence

The fence is one of the most significant portions of a good quality shaper. Contrasting a router bit, secateurs for shapers do not hold any kind of pilot bearing. This implies that if the fence is not expended, there is no method of regulating how bottomless the cut spreads from the rim of the board. The fence should be consumed to regulate the penetration of cut, preserving the profile.

Extra Attentions

Inset Cavities

The table will have a hole cut in it for the sawing head to come through. The size of this hole is vital, as it will express the biggest diameter cutting head you can expend. Inserts are utilized in this hole, when using tinier diameter bits. For shapers that have big insert holes, a lot of inserts will be delivered.

Rotating Pace

The turning speed of the shaper might be significant, certainly if you are cutting woods that cracks easily or extremely thick hardwoods. On the tinier shapers, spindle speeds are set, while the bigger ones often are changeable speed.

The Motors

The motors on the bigger shapers are also 230 VAC. If you do not have the greater voltage wired into your workspace, you don’t want to buy one of these greater voltage units.

The Method to Put Clubs in Your Golf Bag


When you are out and about on the golf course, be attentive on hitting the finest round you can, the last thing you need to fear about is attempting to search the correct club when you want it. Numerous golfers don’t devote the subject of golf bag organization a second thought, but it can create a large variance in terms of stability if you are holding your clubs. There is a method to arrange your clubs to make certain you discover the apt club when you want it. You can also leave your clubs in great shape by leaving them orderly.

Bags Are Separated

Snatch a thorough peek of your golf bag. Whether you have disbursed $30 for your bag or $600, all bags are separated into three different parts. Every part grips numerous particular clubs. The top and bottom thirds might be a bit tinier than the middle third in certain bags.

Current Clubs

Utilize the upper third of your bag for your driver and all your “woods.” Certain golfers might not apprehend it, but there was a while in golf when the driver, the 2-wood, 3-wood and 5-wood were all produced from wood. Now, all clubs are made with metal or hybrid and the only wood clubs are remnants.

Add the Items in the Center

Put your mid-level irons in the central compartment of your bag. This talks about the 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-irons. For those who bear a range of wedges, they might need to comprise their 7- and 8-irons in the middle segment. Best Golf Cart Batteries

Talking About the Bottom Section

Utilize the bottom compartment of your bag for your 7-, 8- and 9-iron, accompanied by your sand wedge and your pitching wedge. If you keep two or three pitching wedges with you, leave them in the bottom compartment of the bag too.

How to Handle Different Items

Put your putter in the upper section with your driver and the other woods. Although it will appear to fit with the other short irons for expending around the green, the putter is different and consequently is located with the woods.

Keep These Tips and Warnings in Mind

Keeping your clubs arranged might not reduce your score, but it would save you time and will assist you discover the correct club when you want it. It would also indicate you when you have lost a club and have possibly left it resting on the course while you were playing.

Drill Press Advices for Functioning Safe and Sound

As soon as you run a bore press, it is vital to follow all the safety measures. The main cause on behalf of this is that you could get injured simply whilst performing with a safety bore. Thus, let’s study all the safety measures as of performing with a bore press.

Understand the Drill Press

Majorly, experiencing the drill press completely is vital as well as you can accomplish that whilst understanding the owner’s guidebook wisely. Furthermore, obtaining facts regarding various functions, boundaries, coupled with the risks linked in addition to a bore press will assist you vastly.

Put on Specs

The minute you work out, check out to attire protection spectacles or a face protector.

Use the Chuck Key Rightly

Prior to switching on the power control, be certain that the chuck key is disconnected and you can operate a self-ejecting chuck to certify that the key has not stayed in the chuck unfortunately. As well as, when you switch in the cable, make sure whether the power control switch is disconnected or not. That would permit you to evade any unintentional beginning. Moreover, at the period of revamping a bore press, permanently disengage it as of the main control source.

Obtain the Precise Fixtures

Individuals advise evading a hand auger tad in a bore press, plus you must work bores as well as bits as of lone equipment intentions. You can also get assistance from the owner’s guidebook to discover out which are the suggested attachments. If you work with incorrect extras, you would have to face a lot of difficulties in the future.

Attach the Work Piece Correctly

Whilst manipulating the work piece, you must grip it firmly besides it will obstruct whichever form of the table it is. Normally, tightening the work piece firmly through locks as well as grasping it in a vise is the superlative effort in addition to a bore press. This will aid you to drill or bore lesser work pieces.

Sidestep Slack Garments

You are required to attire outfits that are not free, plus jewels are similarly not acceptable whilst operating a drill press. Furthermore, make certain that you have reserved the protector on to the spindle pulley, for instance it will halt by your hair, plus clothes can get trapped in the bore press.

Exercise the Finest Chuck

Its superlative to practice the suggested chuck otherwise spindle. Record number of operations will be positive if you benefit from the 0 to 1/2 in. amount geared bore chuck.

Create the Changes Earlier

Don’t ever forget that the entire corrections must be finished prior to turning on the power control. Likewise, make certain that the bore bit or cutting instrument is completely secured in the chuck.

Fine-Tune the Work Table

To retain the gap underneath the bore, you are required to alter the table. And more, you can fix the deepness halt to avoid boring into the table. This is a fantastic intention to keep a section of timber underneath the work piece to break this.

Don’t Exceed Average Spindle Pace

Remaining near to the suggested spindle pace is at all times reliable as well as by means of lesser pace is valuable.

Whilst working with top pace you should be extremely careful so that you might not damage the cutting instrument or work piece.

As well, top spindle speed can toss up the table using brutal energy.

Upon the additional part, if you work with tremendously low pace through a hefty feed, afterwards the instrument can dig into the work piece.

It can halt the motor as well as it can crack the cutting ends.

Always make sure after you alter pace or sort an alteration, you must undo the machinery from the main control source to remain away as of every disaster.

Increase the Bit

As the bottomless cuts increase the bit frequently to free the chips out of the gap, it is decent. You must disengage the machine already increasing the bit in any case; the bore is secured in the gap.

Practice a Brush for Scrubbing

You can work with a brush to retain the table and work piece as clean as possible. Before cleaning, do not ever forget to disconnect the machine from the chief control source unit.  

Select an Aerated Region

Before working with sanding drums plus harsh equipment, please make certain that the region is flawlessly aerated.

Pause for the Drill Press to Halt

Don’t ever make an effort to halt the machine by the holding the chuck whilst you are switching off the main control source. Now, after turning the power off, you must delay till the drill halts fully.

Craft the Drill Press Child-Immune

In conclusion, place the key to the “off” point, plus get rid of the switch toggle. It will make the bore press kid-proof.


The Significance of Having a Good Battery for Your Vehicle


 If you are steering an automobile for a lengthy while, I have faith that you cannot reject the reality that exclusive of an automobile battery the vehicle locomotive cannot progress to get going. The constancy and intensity in vehicle battery represents the sleekness of driving. Consequently, the pick of car batteries should be formulated intelligently.

What Should Be Kept In Mind?

There are a number of truly significant contemplations that must be preserved in mind if you need to get a decent automobile battery. An intermittent conservation is wanted for car battery and its extended lifespan. In places, where the climate is scorching and moist, the functioning of battery can be intensely hindered. Together the turning amps and the electrolyte liquid become troubled by the temperature. That is why you must simply rest on the finest one.

Which Things to Consider?

  • Only buy those batteries that are known as the best and are the most well-known ones around.
  • Make sure the brand you’re looking for should have a good range of batteries to choose from and the batteries should survive in all weather conditions.
  • Today, many companies are doing their hardest to add advanced techniques in batteries, so that they perform better and quicker, make sure you pick from such a brand.
  • Do go through the customer reviews of the batteries if you’re going to buy them online and make certain that your product is delivered to you through the quickest means.
  • Brands that are also famous internationally and ensure you all types of guarantees will be fit to look into.
  • Make definite the car batteries are trustable and can exceed your expectations and your vehicle’s as well.

Other Things to Contemplate

Make sure that your battery has high-quality, is of a long-lasting nature and has an engineering fineness about it. There will be many ranges of batteries in the market, so don’t let anything fool you unless you are almost sure that you are picking the right thing. Brands that contain batteries in all shapes and sizes to fit into different vehicles will prove to be good for you. Batteries that are fully-equipped and have a signature on them will be definitely a plus. Imported machines are really decent for using and are recognized to provide effective results than the local ones available.

Battery Buying Is Important

  1. Every quantity of automotive battery should be fully-equipped and automatic plant must adhere to the maximum norm of the business.
  2. Best imported machines are utilized so that the batteries deliver results that exceed the expectations of vehicle owners.
  3. After all, the better the condition of your vehicle, the more fun it would impart in driving!
  4. The more your battery is wonderful, the happier and better you’re driving will be.
  5. Look for brands that are serving a large number of customers and keep quality checks on their products. You should look for companies with money-back guarantee.
  6. A good company will provide you the best experience and everything will go along as smoothly as possible. But if you got in to the wrong hands, there might be a bad fate for you. First, do check the batteries before you buy and don’t take chances with anything.   
  7. good golf cart batteries will provide you the best Performance

what/how many batteries you are running?

Wondering on what sterio set-up’s people have and what/how many batteries you are running? TIAnew boat 3

  1. Joel Kalic: 2x battery’s 4x Amps 8x6x9 in boat 4×6.5″ on tower 1×12″ sub, generally 2 battery’s will be fine.
  2. Duncan McCrory: 2 batteries of what AH Joel? Ive got a 240ah lithium ion but might swap it for a 120AH lithium (equivalent to a 170AH standard AGM battery)
  3. Duncan McCrory: Ive got 4 x Rev 10’s 1600watts rms, 4 in-boat speakers 400 watts rms ws-xxx-v2 sub 1200 watts rms and 4 amplifiers. All wetsounds. LED lights and light bar running off it
  4. Joel Kalic: They’re n70 Bosch marine battery’s also have 2 light bars and led interior lights
  5. Duncan McCrory: So 70ah per battery?
  6. Duncan McCrory: What amps are you using?
  7. Joel Kalic: Can’t remember can find out for you, best bet would be have engine running and all accessories turned on and check charge rate aslong as its charging you’ll be fine. Defiantly recommend dual battery’s if you don’t have them though, saves worrying about flat battery’s.
  8. Duncan McCrory: Thanks Joel. I’ve got a 240ah lithium ion battery (37kg) for it but thinking of getting a 120ah lithium (16kg) to use instead
  9. Joel Kalic: No probs mate, and just remember if you have stereo on without engine running switch isolater switch to one battery least then if it goes flat you can switch it to “both” so you are still able to start the boat.
  10. Duncan McCrory: Ok thanks. the 240ah or 120ah would be just for sterio. Have another for starting
  11. Duncan McCrory: Joel ive got 4 amplifiers like you, reckon i could get away with using a 120ah lithium ion just to run sterio?

What is best boat under $25k

I’m looking to upgrade my classic 1960s inboard skiboat and am after peoples thoughts on which ski boats are best.
I’m looking in the $15k to $25k price range and want something that rides nice, performs well and is reliable and reasonably economical. I’ve always loved the locally built Camero and Sterling boats but haven’t had much opportunity to drive or ride in many of the models. I don’t want anything like the current type of huge boats which are frankly too big to tow with a family car and too bloody big to store at home. I love the look of the Camero Volante but worry about finding a good one now they are quite old, and I have been told they ride rough and that waves come over the bow easily. A family friend had a Sterling Pintara years ago which was a lovely boat but there aren’t many tidy ones left. Then there’s the Camero Nordic, Meos Spyder, Sterling Monza, Gilflite and Lewis boats etc etc, or am I better spending more and going for a younger Camero Pintara or Legend, Rolco, or Hallet. Also what engine and drive combos work best, 350 Chev v8 with soft clutch seems the most common choice, but is reverse really a big benefit, or is a dog clutch just as good for the money. My current and previous boat are both direct drive so any clutch will seem like a luxury. Is a tandem trailer more of a hassle or well worth having? I’d love to hear from people who have one of or have owned one of these models for some genuine feedback, thanks.Old Boat

  1. Matt Barbin: Centurion older one for 20k 350 chev excellent all rounder
  2. Daniel Toonen: Hi Tyson. pm me some photos and how much you want for your old girl. Not your old lady.
  3. Haydn Montgomery: Camero legend II or strata 2000 are popular boats and hold their value
  4. Justin Cairns: Kevin Cairns
  5. Mark Kram: Heres what I would buynew boat
  6. Jayden May: Camero legends are a good boat. I highly recommend looking for a boat with forward neutral and reverse
  7. Ben Dunn: Got a legend myself and know that there is a pretty tidy one at the Camero factory as was a trade in and I reckon that might be $25k. Got a mate with a nice Nordic pro skier that I’d reccomend. Got tower already and stereo gear and I trimmed it so is tidy as. Think that’s around the $17k mark. Can get pics of both for ya
  8. Michael Waters: We have this hallett for sale 350 chev soft clutch tandem trailer only 3 years old hi pole Bimini interior only a few seasons old cheap to run travel cover $17800new boat 2
  9. Tim Grant-Allan: I love my Skicraft excel, had to go to vic to buy it. Rides real nice, mercruiser with fnr which is awesome. I went a skicraft as I loved the look and are not as common in sa waters. It has a tandem ezytow trailer and I prefer a tandem, they tow real nice and I find reversing easier as they don’t pivot as much either.
  10. Paul Carrick: Ive got a Flightcraft XL18 with 350 chev and FNR tranny up for sale at the lower end of your price bracket.new boat 3
  11. Craig McCulloch: Roger Thompson
  12. Shane Bockman: 2005 camero legend series 3. 340hrs. FNR. $32,000
  13. Shane Bockman:new boat 4
  14. Kellie Carberry: I have this one for sale great boat..Has been an awesome family boat reliable economical . Ideally would love to keep it but life has change so unfortunately she has to gonew boat 5
  15. Harley Hunter: Now these are a bloody great boat
  16. Mandy Baxter: Hi I have a Sterling Pintara in good nic which I am happy for you to look at. Thinking of selling it. Cheers Mandy.
  17. Bluey Cairns: How much would you be asking please
  18. Mandy Baxter: I’m looking at about $20k. This is what the guy who services said I would get. He said it’s the best one he has seen in a long time. Cheers Mandy.
  19. Bluey Cairns: How many hours and is it a 350 chev.please
  20. Mandy Baxter: I will get back to you once I have checked that out in the daylight. Have only just thought I’d sell it so will have more info asap.
  21. Bluey Cairns: OK thanks
  22. Mandy Baxter: The boat is a 350 chev and done 287 hours. Cheers Mandy.
  23. Scott Atkinson: Are you still looking? Sterling Monza around 15k. Tidy boat ready to gonew boat 6
  24. Shannon Hahn: My friends dad has a camero stealth for 30k
  25. Theo Van Den Heuvel: if you are selling old boat can you pm me some Photos thanks
  26. Kellie Carberry: Do you want a Camero Volante 1990 Asking $15,800 Ono
    new boat 9
  27. Tyson Prewett: Small world Kellie Carberry I was just at a Suzuki training school yesterday and Jason mentioned he’d been cleaning up the skiboat to sell and here it is in a comment on my post.
  28. Kellie Carberry: Well she is still for sale $15,500. Great boat :)
  29. Chris Taylor: Pics and details of the old boat please
  30. Tyson Prewett: Chris Taylor Theo Van Den Heuvel I’m not ready to sell her until I have the funds to upgrade, and don’t want to be without a boat for summer. But here’s some photos anyway. Rego papers say she’s an Everingham but it has no branding anywhere, engine is a 272ci Ford Y-Block V8 with a two-barrel Holley, Tawco marinised and direct drive, have just fitted a new alloy fuel tank and marine battery, trailer has disc brakes and 17″ mags.new boat 7
  31. Tyson Prewett:new boat 8
  32. Shawn Heyne: Try posting in my new page, old school camero ski boats https://www.facebook.com/groups/829864657132331/Cheers
  33. Brett Gray: Inboxed ya mate

WIP: HM-2 building from effectslayouts

WIP: HM-2 I’m building from effectslayouts.

Santa brought a drill press for my dremel early. One thing I wanted to try is a drill bit attached to it to try and cut the board out. Kind of a make-shift table saw. That’s a big no no. You can’t cut a straight line, but it works. I’m going to have to build a table saw for the dremel to use with the saw blades or get one of those cheap ones from harbor freight if I want to cut fast with straight lines.

Drilling holes with it is fantastic. There’s no play in it’s movement like I was expecting. I broke one bit on the last hole because I was fatigued and moved the board.

What I would like to do is add a spdt switch to switch between the diodes. I’ll figure that out tomorrow I hope.

Down the road I’d like to put together my own pcb in Diptrace, after I learn how, using the HM-2 circuit and adding the DOD FX59’s presence control (ala LHW), along with the diode switching.

  1. Mark Milanovich: All you need to cut the board is a set of shears, or a rotary cutter for the dremel. I used a cutting wheel with my dremel to cut out the board for years before I hankered down and bought a nice set of metal shears.
  2. Mitch Schaftlein: Like big scissors? That would be easier.
  3. Mark Milanovich: Yeah, they are for cutting sheet metal, so they can power through it very quickly
  4. Mitch Schaftlein: damn. do you have a link so I can see what to get?
  5. Mark Milanovich: They kinda look like this.An alternate method is to get thinner pcb material. I use thinner boards, and a cheap set of dollar store scissors cuts through very quickly too, at least the scissors were a buck so its not so bad dulling themscissors
  6. Mitch Schaftlein: https://www.amazon.com/Stanley-MaxSteel-14-566-Straight-Aviation/dp/B00009OYG0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1450583225
  7. Mitch Schaftlein: Maybe those are too big.
  8. Mark Milanovich: Those will work fine!
  9. Mark Milanovich: Oh wait. Are they 14 inches long lol
  10. Mitch Schaftlein: yeah, they’re huge
  11. Mark Milanovich: Well, when you find a smaller set, the trick is to do small bites instead of full cuts. That ensures the clad wont crack or ruin the pcb area
  12. Jon Rogers: If you’re going to get a saw, don’t get that tiny little mity mite table saw from HB. Save up and get a little bandsaw or scrollsaw.
  13. Milos Popovic: In this schematic there are no input part for 3band eq :)
  14. Michael Beaveridge: I use a router bit and the plastic router base (came with my dremel), with a straight edge to clean up the edge of my boards. Wear a face mask, that fibreglass can do you in after a few years.
  15. Maj Major: If you plan on cutting your PCBs only, screw the table saw, geat a metal sheet cutter. Faster, cleaner. No dust everywhere. You can get one for peanuts sometimes on internet auctions.
  16. Mitch Schaftlein: I don’t have a schematic with the mids control. I just copied the layout. I used a router bit with the press, not a drill bit like I said. Mine has that router base, too, I just don’t have a surface to cut on to use it. I wear eye/ear pro along with a mask. I’m going to get a set of shears and skip out on all the mess.
  17. Mitch Schaftlein: I didn’t realize he had a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/effectslayouts/
  18. Walter Weisz: Does the layout work then?
  19. Mitch Schaftlein: Yeah, I even talked to the guy who put it together. He used the schematic I posted above, just didn’t add the mid controls to it..
  20. Mitch Schaftlein: Ok, so either I screwed up somehow or the layout doesn’t work. Apparently I’m the first and only person to use this layout. The guy who put it together hasn’t even built one lol. But everything matches the schematic so there’s no telling.I can’t thin…See More
  21. Dimitris Smith Diamantidis: what trannies did you use?
  22. Mitch Schaftlein: Bf246 for q1 and a 2245 and 970 for 2 and 3. I also tried a k30 with the legs twisted around for q1.
  23. Dimitris Smith Diamantidis: bf246 is dgs pinout i also found that 2sc2245 is to-3 package are you sure that it is 2245? first try the correct pinout for bf246 and then let me know if you like pm me i will help.
  24. Mitch Schaftlein: Oops I meant bf245, not 6. And I’m sure I used a 2sc2245. I’ll take pics after my shift tomorrow morning to make sure is the right one.
  25. Dimitris Smith Diamantidis: ok man pm me the details to help you more and faster.
  26. Mitch Schaftlein: Will do, thanks.
  27. Dimitris Smith Diamantidis: no problem
  28. Mitch Schaftlein: I’m gonna add these for the heck of it. I’ll have close ups of the transistors tomorrow.

What do you think about my new pedaltrain nano and a voodoo labs power supply.

Official post gear your spouse got you for Christmas. I will start. A pedaltrain nano and a voodoo labs power supply. I got some Satellite Effects enclosures mounted.

Got some Satellite Effects enclosures mounted

Got some Satellite Effects enclosures mounted-2

  1. Kyle Daley: That Voodoo labs is going to be on my next gift list…
  2. Christopher Bishop: My wife got me a ribbon mic.1463428_1
  3. Dominik McKoy: not my spouse but in a german group there was a game going on where everyone who wanted to join was sent a pedal by another user and you had to send one as well got a mooer ultra drive, very nice ds1 clone with extras :)
  4. Kyle Daley: I wish we’d do that.
  5.  Dominik McKoy: should do that next year with diy pedals only!ill try and organize it :)
  6. Tim Shelton: Madbean does a holiday pay it forward. A lot of people participate. The PIF usually involves a puzzle to solve to win the item, first person to answer correctly wins. Usually the person sending the item pays for shipping as well.
  7. Kyle Daley: I hate puzzles. .. I don’t have enough brain power anymore. :(
  8. Jim Ford: My wife got me an eq pedal a pcb holder tool thing and a lower end solder station none of which were things I was expecting 😀
  9. Tim Shelton: I was taken completely by surprise myself. I had no idea she paid attention to what I was talking about all those times.
  10.  Kyle Daley: Mine sure doesn’t..
  11. Russell Hampson: Can’t see it very well, but it’s a guitar to USB/midi converter, spent the whole day messing around playing dubstep wobbles on a guitar10336744_2
  12. Corey Campbell: Girlfriend surprised me with a Walrus audio Janus. It’s a 2 in one fuzz/tremolo. I’m in love 11165193_10153933923706320_6219396283870790441_o
  13. Tim Shelton: Looks like you found a keeper.
    Corey Campbell: Sure did, I was blown away.
  14. Wayne Evering: I got a drill press. Not all that expensive, but absolutely necessary for drilling straight holes into enclosures. I’ve been wanting one for the past 2 years I’ve been doing pedals.

Suggestion for a steel sheet hole punch set

hand-setHey guys. I’m looking for a steel sheet hole punch set. I’m interested in something that will allow me to cut 6,8,10 and 12 mm holes. I’m faced with a thin steel sheet, and I’m afraid drilling will deform the sheet. Don’t really have or have access to a press drill – I’d use a router bit then. All I can find are sets with diameters from ~20mm up. Anyone?
  1. John Griswold: https://www.amazon.com/Neiko-Power-Punch-Sheet-Metal/dp/B0002T87CW I have a couple of these, not bad in light gauge steel, but over about 12g it gets a bit tough going – thinner than 28g can also be a touch tricky to get used to.
  2. Maj Major: One thing I did not add – I’m trying to punch holes in sheet boxes, not just plain sheet So I need something mounted from two sides and screwed together. I’m beginning to think the holes are too small for such a device to work – to small bolts, broken threads… :)
  3. John Griswold: Oh crud… so much for that idea. Though for things like jack holes, this will do well, but for getting into tight corners, the head may be too thick.
  4. Maj Major: precisely. Plus, I won’t get the head past the side box wall to cut holes in its face.
  5. John Griswold: https://www.amazon.com/Fiskars-Manual-Rotary-Craft-85167097J/dp/B000ON00IA can you unbend the box some to punch holes? Short of that, you are well into needing a hand drill of some sort – like one of these guys perhaps?
  6. John Griswold: Should have added – these tend to distort the material less as you can use light hand pressure from above as you drill
  7. Maj Major: Nah, I’ve already fiber-glassed the inside to make it more rigid. Cannot unbend. Guess I’ll just use some scrap wood and clamps to keep the sheet unbent.
  8. Gordon JC Pearce: I was just about to post saying “clamp a bit of scrap wood to the back to keep it from bending”
  9. Maj Major: great minds… 😉
  10. Ion Purici: good idea for hand drill
  11. Maj Major: Comfy as hell :)
  12. Maj Major: Also, what’s with the hand drills? Why? What’s wrong with a power drill?
  13. John Griswold: For thin material, hand drills often give you more control – that or a dremel, but they don’t like big bits much.
  14. Ion Purici: yeah, is little exactly
  15. Maj Major: ok, wood, clamps, power drill it is then :)